The Sea, the Sky & the Earth… Namibian Experience!

Type of event: Reward Trip
Number of Participants: 14 guests
Destination: Namibia (Walvis Bay, Swakopmund, Sossusvlei)
Hotel: Burning Shore & Le Mirage
Duration on site: 5 days / 4 nights
About the client: Car dealers and spouses, with general manager. Clients are used to high standard service and have good travelling experiences. As a consequence destination must be original and offer high quality services.Everything needs to be perfect, unique and unforgettable.

What a challenge; how can you surprise high maintenance guests who have traveled everywhere from the heavenly beaches of Seychelles, to the colorful steppes of Mongolia, though the urban vibes of New York…? Namibia is the answer, a fascinating destination like no other with amazing landscapes; from lunar plains to the red sand dunes, Savannah with blue or purple mountains, or dry riverbed in a desert coast. XO Event built a custom made program that went beyond the guests expectations, with basic ingredients: Sea, Sky and Earth!



DSC_0404Let’s experience the beauty of Namibia from the sea! A private catamaran was awaiting the guests at Walvis Bay harbor. From there the boat headed to Pelican Point, while the coast offers memorable scenic pictures, the maritime life offers a unique show with dolphins, seal, flamingos and even whales if it is a lucky day. It was time for lunch and our guests deserved better than a classic buffet lunch on a boat! A surprise lunch was set up on a sandy beach completer with luxury tents, white table cloths, champagne glasses, oysters and a barbecue…it sounds like VIP treatment. Still not convince by the power of the ocean? Please read below.

DSC_0389 “I had so much fun! I came back to the hotel with a big smile on my face. I love it when the pelicans swing down for a treat and the seals come onto the boat uninvited, begging for treats. The cherry on the cake was the lunch on the beach, contemplating the ocean with a glass of champagne in hand, I felt so privileged! ”

John C



After 2 nights at Walvis bay, it was time to discover the vast and fascinating Namib desert. Next stop: Sossusvlei.320km (5 hours drive) separated Walvis Bay from Sossusvlei. For specials guests, special means of transport, a private Cessna aircraft, was mobilized for the occasion; making the trip more than a transfer…it was a breath-taking experience. A one and a half hour long scenic flight from Walvis Bay to Sossusvlei is one of the best in the world. Walvis Bay Salt works, Sandwich harbor, passing several seal colonies and then to see one of the best preserved shipwrecks along the coastline, the Eduard Bohlen is the way to travel. We then turn inland and fly over the dunes towards the abandoned diamond camps and continue inland to land at Sossusvlei lodge… In front of such beauties, it’s a sin to forget your camera!


THE STRENGTH OF THE EARTH – Sossusvlei, Namib desert

Sossusvlei landscapes are unique and offer an incredible shade of colors, even more during sunrise. Only a few travelers are brave enough to wake up before the sunrise. These tough travelers are right to do it. Sunrise and sunset in the middle of the desert are truly breath-taking sights. The guests lucky to experience it never forget this spectacular moment. Guests enjoy a nice English breakfast set up in the middle of the desert while admiring the stunning nature surrounding them.


Magnificent landscapes are memorable, but what makes a trip unforgettable is the magic we add to them. XO Events could be considered as a magician. In the desert, the more the guests walk, the more they feel the vibe. In the most beautiful spot of the desert, there is an incredible surprise. A drum band performs in traditional outfits, right in front of beautiful tables, lighted with hundreds of candles. The artists perform and interact with the guests; some guests have even taken their chance behind the drums!

Namibia has the gift to win the heart of the travelers, and it is not uncommon to fall in love, guess what? The entire guest felt in love!

Namibia-Namib-DesertClient’s feedback

I simply wanted to thank you for the work that you have done on this file. I so enjoyed working with you.

I enjoyed your flexibility and availability at all times (I share the same feeling for Fleur during the bidding period) but also your grand professionalism. What a joy it has been to be able to work with you. It’s so rare to have partners like that. You have no idea! Thank you once again, Melanie!

The trip was perfect, please send my best regards and thanks to Eric, our guide that managed to remain discreet but present under any circumstances. He has great knowledge of the fauna and flora and his passion has really expanded to all our clients.

The hotels where simply “magical” and to be more specific, I believe the Mirage was magical and exceptional. The meals were perfect and the activities were all appreciated by the guests.

by Sébastien Charrieras