Whilst in business in Paris over the month of January, XO thought it would be a great idea to meet up and spend some quality time with all of our business partners and friends in the French capital. And of course, as we are specialist in events…we threw an After-work Cocktail party dedicated to gathering all of our MICE partners.



The turn out was fruitful, 70 attendees who came from all over France for the occasion. The aim of the event was to reconnect, catch up, solidify already existing bonds with partners back home and listen and thank them for all the work carried out in the last few months. It was an immense honour to spend time with each of our guests after so long. 2017 plans were discussed and we are all looking forward to what this New Year has stored in for all of us. In 2017, a new dynamic will be put in place with a larger focus on creativity and expertise.



As XO enjoys surprising its guest and do things a little differently, the event took place at  a very special location: Éléphant Paname. The place is a young Art and Dance center with a contemporary and artistic atmosphere whilst keeping a rich Parisian feel. The perfect location, with a coincidental name fit for the occasion of a MICE agency based in Southern Africa celebrating its growing success back in the city of lights.

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CEO, Sébastien Charrieras and General Director Samuel Regnier hosted the party and entertained the guest in a night of glamour and French sophistication.

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It also happened that Éléphant Paname put together a tribute exhibition for the end of 2016 – for one of the great figures of the world of photography: Mr. Göksin Sipahioglu. The exhibition was displayed  on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of his disappearance which our guests enjoyed and a nice touch to the evening.


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Catering from ID Food was an utter success; the delicacies were chosen to be simple, creative and utilising natural ingredients only that are found at proximity of their kitchen in order to reduce carbon footprint. Truly delicious and reflected well the values of XO and how we wish to conduct our business operations.

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Overall, a very pleasant evening where emotions of meeting old friends paired well with discussions of future plans and success strategies. Thank you to everyone who attended it was an immense pleasure. See you all soon for more XO adventures!

by Sébastien Charrieras