Emotional Cape Town!

Type of event: Reward Trip
Number of Participants: 21 guests
Destinations: Cape Town, South Africa
Hotel: V&A Hotel
Duration on site: 4 days / 3 nights
About the client: A leading financial company organized a VIP trip for the winners of a high standard challenge. The goal was to offer the winners an exclusive journey, full of luxurious surprises and originality.

Cape Town has a lot to offer, each corner of the city will blow your mind. Your team members worked hard and you want the best to reward them. Cape Town is definitely the right choice. But still, how to make that trip even more unforgettable? XO Events has the answer!
What defines a city are its people and its culture. Get a real insight into Cape Town by meeting with its folks and discovering its art. Embark on an unforgettable emotional journey.


pauldutoit3If you’re interested in art, you sure can learn a lot by reading books and visiting museums showcasing South African artists. Though you would not get the real insight or feel the artistic vibe that animates them. Art pieces are special; they are meant to be shared. More than something you simply look at, they were made to create and evoke feeling and emotion. Every piece of art has its own story, and who better than the artist himself, could narrate it to you?
Our group met with Paul Du Toit, the famous South African sculptor and painter. The artist worked in collaboration with major South Africans icons, such as, Nelson Mandela and Archbishop Desmond Tutu; he has also received numerous awards.

GCR_2200bwGet inside the artist’s studio and feel all the energy and inspiration that the room has to offer. Share an appetizer with the artist and have an exchange about his inspirations and his vision of Cape Town art… At the end of the meeting,more than just discovering South African art, you had a real human exchange full of warm feelings.

DARE TO DREAM – Zip Zap CircusTogether - Zip Zap Circus 2

A beautiful human encounter is waiting for you at the Zip Zap Circus. For the last twenty years this school brought Capetonian children together, and taught them circus disciplines to help get them off the streets. The troupe organizes shows and the funds are donated to associations that aim at helping children with HIV/AIDS.

Meet the team and the children of the troupe. Through practice, the circus teaches the kids to ‘’Dare to Dream’’ and helps them realize their dreams. What A beautiful life lesson that these children from different communities, with different backgrounds can work together to create amazing shows and help other children.
Lucky you, the troupe will perform a private show just for you!

Together - Zip Zap Circus

HAVE YOU EVER BEEN TO CHURCH? – Langa Townshiplanga-01

I mean in a Township church, no, don’t be afraid get inside the Langa Church for the Sunday Service. Hurry, grab one of the few seats left, in one minute the church will be crowded and the ceremony will start.

The pastor arrives and he talks with the energy of a theatre actor, keeping the ceremony alive. Gospel singers start to sing and the room is filled with warmth, joy, and hope. Everybody sings and dances happily. You never thought a mass could be that stimulating and entertaining. The ceremony is over; you get out of the church happy and exchanging with the locals. What an emotionally rich moment, and if your legs are still shaking, do not worry, it is one of the side effects of a gospel ceremony in Langa!

FLAVOUR EXPLOSION – Aubergine restaurant
Aubergine restaurant 3

Enjoy a gala dinner at the Aubergine Restaurant, in Cape Town. Savour the fine sommelier’s selection of wines, paired with incredible plates made by Chef Harald Bresselschmidt.This gastronomic dinner is a tour for your senses. The food, well presented, is a delight for your eyes and nose before you even get the chance to taste it. Have a bite and experience the flavours explode in your mouth.

Aubergine restaurant 4

While sharing desert, you can remind with your travelling partners, all the amazing people you have met. Don’t be shy have a little more, who said gluttony is a bad thing?

Client’s feedback:

Hi Evelyne,
Every guest was delighted with their trip in Cape Town. They loved the originality of the program. We can say itwas a franc success. In its feedbacks Jacques highlighted yours and Fleur availability and help.
Thank you for everything.

by Maria Casali