Fun facts, special edition

Today is the day we share exclusive news with you. As travel consultants, how can we not blush when our clients & partners are the ones teaching us lessons about our own expertise? As fair players, we publicly recognize our lack of knowledge, and share with you the pithy news we learnt last year.



Getting drunk and crying are the best solutions to deal with disappointment

From time to time, despite our numerous qualities, clients choose another destination. It happens; rejection is part of life, even at work. What we did not know, was the way to accept it!
“Dear Maria,
Sorry I did not reply to the cancellation, I was so upset that I cried all night and got drunk.

Exceptional programs? What for?

We did spent all these years trying to plan the perfect incentive and reward trip, mixing incredible landscapes, memorable activities and unforgettable venues. Why? Just, why?
“Hello to you all!
What I remember most from this trip: 1 week of food economy!
Thank you! “

Obviously, whales have a time table

Do whales and wild animals go where they want to, when they want to?
Oh, no, no; they actually have a very tight time schedule to respect. They don’t come around the coast randomly; they are expected at a certain time. What were we thinking?Clients to one of our guide: ‘’At what time are the whales coming?’’

The ‘’ Big-Five’’ is one animal, not five… Duh!

To think that we spend years looking for elephants, leopards, buffaloes, rhinos and lions, thinking they were the Big five… So stupid; we actually missed all the action! Though, we are still wondering what the Big-five looks like…
French client: “Pilanesberg National Park hosts almost all mammals of Southern Africa including of course the unique “Big Five”. The observation of rhinos is very easy there. “

Education and information is key in a changing world like ours, we are human, and we cannot know everything. If you have any information of the above kind, please, do Tweet them to us.

Thanks for noting that this article might contain erroneous information, though the quotes are 100% authentic.

by Maria Casali