New Brasserie at Table Bay Hotel

Camissa is the name given to the Brasserie and wine Bar of the Table Bay Luxury Hotel in Cape Town.  The venue is articulated around a Brasserie, Wine Bar as part of the Union Bar, the Captains private dining area and the Atrium lounge. 


Legend says that Camissa, “The place of sweet waters” refers to the 36 natural springs, and four underground rivers in the City Bowl area of Cape Town that have now mostly been built over and covered – declared the Table Bay Hotel.


A la carte menu will include appetizing  food with ingredients exclusively sourced from local suppliers and on a daily bases.  The Executive Chef Jocelyn Myers-Adams has reworked the dinner menu to feature contemporary interpretations of South African dishes.

The cellar of the brasserie  offers a choice of 80 wines from smaller estates. In your suggestion you can be advised by the Wine & Spirits Education Trust (WSET) trained staff . Trust them you will not regret.


As for the decoration, simplicity and  warm elegance would be the best description. Small intimate tables, bookshelves filled with hundred of cook books, wine reference books and a few travel journals are part of this atmosphere.  Without forgetting the breathtaking  sea view.

This Brasserie can easily fit your business meetings and social private events.

by Sébastien Charrieras