New Year : New Resolution… take it easy, we have the solution

So here we are, 2016 has begun and traditionally we have to make new resolutions. Work, money, love, sport, health… we have the solution to succeed in keeping your resolution.


Forbes magazine suggests that employees take charge of their own education and talent development. Why don’t you plan a personal trip in Southern Africa for your next holidays? Our colleagues from Travel by XO will offer an itinerary that will be different to the others, and aiming to exceed your expectations. A great mean to improve your knowledge of the destination.



Saving more money is on the top 5 New Year resolution for 95% of people and more and more people are thinking that it is more and more difficult to reach this goal. A trip to South Africa could be an advantage for you in this quest. Indeed with the current Rand exchange rate, South Africa is more affordable than ever and you will be able to have high quality services for a lower price.



We can’t guarantee you that you will fall in love with somebody but you can fall in love with the rhino cause and adopt a rhino. This symbolic adoption will allow you to give a name to a rhino and receive regular news and pictures of him or her. You will be involved in this cause and thereby may allow your children to know what a rhino is. Indeed at the turn of the 19th century, there were approximately one million rhinos. In 1970, there were around 70,000. Today, there are only around 28,000 rhinos surviving in the wild. Three of the five species of rhino are “Critically Endangered” as defined by the World Conservation Union. The Southern subspecies of the white rhino is classified by the WCU in the lesser category of being “Near Threatened”; and the Greater one-horned rhino is classified as “Vulnerable”; even this is considered to be facing a high risk of extinction in the wild.



Every 1st of January everybody is set on being more active but on the 2nd of January, when you put your running shoes, your winter pants, your raining jacket, your scarf, your woolly hat, your gloves… and all the equipment to beat the cold, you can’t move anymore!
The clement climate of Cape Town allows a large range of outdoor activities all year round: running on Sea Point Promenade, hiking Lion’s Head or Table Mountain, playing tennis, playing golf, kite-surfing…

running on sea point promenade


Festive season pairs with calories but now you have to think, drink and eat healthy! Fortunately, Luke Dale Roberts, one of the most famous South African Chefs, has just opened a new place in Cape Town. Located in the Old Biscuit Mill in Woodstock, Naturalis hosts a harvest table, with dishes for the opening day including the likes of roast aubergine salad with pine-nut yogurt and lemon preserve salsa; heirloom carrots with pickled mustard seeds, carrot-top pesto and toasted cashews; apple-and-kohlrabi slaw with tamarind dressing; and Thai-style salad with fresh pineapple, coconut and tomato with a creamy Thai dressing. Definitely the best solution to combine healthy and tasty food!



So now that we have found all the solutions to help you with your resolutions, we have a last suggestion to add to your list. This last suggestion could have been classified in “Work”, “Friendship”, “Communication” or “Lifestyle”; it is a general one… Always read over your emails, your text messages and your brief and please join the attachment !


by Laetitia Clairet