Our 400th event milestone!


In life, there is much to celebrate. A good life is a collection of happy moments and our life at XOEvents has been filled with nothing but moments of joy…

Challenges as well… Hard work, sweat and sometimes tears too.

Along the way, pushed by the goal to deliver a good job,  we did not realise we were making memories. But a new milestone, recently reached, made us sit and look back to the past 10 years achievement: our 400th event!

And reaching our 400th event is not an achievement to be undermined. Isn’t lasting in the industry, the only sign of accomplishment?

This 400th event marks first the trustful relationship with have with our clients. For this, and to all of you who have been supporting XO for the past 10 years: thank you.

400th event and 10 years of service, show that our policy of delivering an efficient, creative and highly qualitative work, with integrity and perseverance has find a positive echo with our clients.




We raise our glasses to all those amazing people who contributed to each and every of the 400 events we organised, coordinated and followed-up on! Now we celebrate with you what we’ve accomplished.

But with still the same philosophy looking forward to keep these values intact for the next 10 years… as the best is yet to come!

by Sébastien Charrieras