Stops We Love to Include on Southern Africa Incentive Trips.

By Samuel Regnier.

Each incentive trip has to be unique and bespoke and to make it happen, every single detail is important and can truly make a difference. So there’s always a few  stops we don’t want our clients to miss when they travel to Southern Africa. Here’s my selection for three of XO’s major destinations and three unique moments to live!


Breakfast in the sand dunes right after an early walk in Deadvlei.




Board a speedboat on Chobe River and discover amazing wildlife with thousands of elephants in this unique landscape, right in the middle of Botswana and Namibia.

South Africa

There are so many options in our Rainbow Nation but let’s focus on Cape Town for now and never miss a chance to drive all the way along Chapman’s Peak in a sidecar or an AC Cobra!


Which destinations would you love us to include in your incentive trip? Let us know in your brief here.

by Lauren McShane