What’s the key to success in business? That is what everybody really wants to know. How do the people who make it, well…made it? How many times have we heard “it’s all about who you know in this world!” and we can’t really disagree with that.

Empires don’t grow overnight and a one-man army definitely does not construct them. Nope. More than often, successful businesses grow overtime when associated with the right people, at the right time, with the right opportunity presented.

There is an African proverb that goes as follows: “if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with others”. A simple hello could lead to a million things in your business, so why not be part of a growing networking community?

What is InTouch?

 At XO EVENTS we create and co-ordinates events and connects people on a daily basis. Over the years, we realised the priceless value of networking. We could not help but think of the large untapped potential in the business center of the De Waterkant area. We believe business should start with your next-door neighbour first. So the InTouch community was born.


InTouch is a private initiative to gather all business owners of the De Waterkant area in order to meet, network and facilitate business opportunities. The original objective of Intouch was to gather 120 businesses in the de Waterkant area and allow them to connect with each other in order to open business networks and generate business opportunities.

The first event took place at the Cape Quarter Piazza and each brand partner brought something to the party – whether it was their own products or help in the organization and setup of the event.


XO Events came up with the concept of InTouch and put together the event with the help of its partners. We had drinks from Pernod Ricard and Leopold7 Craft Beer, food from Alforno Pizzeria and the De Waterkant Waffle Co. and Spar, some delicious treats from Lindt Chocolates, some help with a speed networking section from Communicate Personel and some great beats from Heart Fm 104.9. Spire Property Broking assisted us in getting authorisation to run the event on the Piazza and helped get security and assisted in setting everything up.

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We are planning on extending the event to new horizons in 2017 in order to grow the event bigger and better; the concept always had continuity as a playing factor. Plans to bring the event to Johannesburg are in brainstorm mode at the moment. We want our guests to feel as if they are part of a valuable community, have fun at our events and gather useful contacts, meet new people – old school networking at its best.

The difference is that we included a genius little device called POKEN, a scanning device which allows you to gathers each others contact in a heartbeat. Pretty awesome right? You come home and plug in it to your computer and download all of your contacts profiles.

If this sort of event is your thing, then please go and like our InTouch Facebook page and keep updated about our next event!

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by Sébastien Charrieras