The new way to work in Cape Town !

Type of Event: Launch Cocktail-party
Venue: Work & Co – Bree Street – Cape Town CBD
About the client: Work & Co is the new way to work: an innovative, flexible and beautiful co-working space dedicated to a community of entrepreneurs, small and medium sized enterprises, remote teams and freelancers.

Julien Verspieren, founder of Work & Co, moved to Cape Town with his family in 2014 after selling his business in France. He founded Work & Co as an inspiring physical and digital platform to connect people and help them grow their businesses in a unique, innovative space.


Julien chose XO Events and Buzzy B, our little sister, to organise a launch for the image of his concept. Buzzy B imagined the concept and the XO Team was keen to implement it to show how Work & Co could connect people.

People can’t imagine that totally different kind of jobs could have relation and connection. For example, did you expect that a young fashionista could have connections with a financial analyst?… No way! In fact, it is possible and we saw it on our ‘Instant Picture Panel’ at Work & Co. Indeed, all the guests were photographed at the entrance and wrote their name and occupation on the instant picture. All pictures were pinned on a panel and each one made connections with people they knew professionally. The aim of Work & Co is to increase these connections and the Instant Picture Panel was the perfect illustration to argue on it.


In addition to being a connector, Julien is an art-lover and you can feel it as soon as you come through the door of Work & Co. We managed to combine his love for art with his wish to prove that we can do more and better, working collectively. Every guest received a little bag with some pieces of Lego Bricks at the entrance. A wall was constructed in the common area and guests were invited to create a collective piece of art by plugging their pieces. The result was awesome and unexpected: more than 5000 pieces of Lego were plugged!


This Lego Wall is now part of this incredible venue of more than 2000 square meters on 2 different floors. The discovery of the venue and the different rooms was one of our challenges, since the cocktail-party took place on the 11th floor, but guests also had to discover the 14th floor with its amazing 360 degree view of Cape Town. Guests were invited by our special 3 characters to take part in a guided tour of the 14th floor. The smiling, busy secretary sales the place, the décor, the colors, the art pieces… even if she doesn’t really understand contemporary art! The smart and chic concierge proposes exclusive tours and shows every nook and cranny…as well as explains how to leave the building to avoid the paparazzi. The relaxed barista brings little groups through this ever-trendy exhibition with its “chic pieces of art”.


The XO Team and her littler sister, Buzzy B, produced a tailor-made event, as usual, during which guests were introduced to a new way to work in Cape Town.


by Laetitia Clairet