Three wonders of Africa in one unique trip

Type of event: Reward Trip
Number of participants: 28 guests
Destinations: South Africa, Botswana, Zambia
Hotels: Maslow hotel (Johannesburg), Mowana Lodge (Botswana), Royal Livingstone Hotel (Zambia)
Duration on site: 5 days, 4 nights
About the client: A French insurance company has decided to reward its best insurance sellers with an amazing trip… As our guests are used to travel, our mission was to blow their mind! Challenge accepted!

From South Africa to Zambia via Botswana, you will discover three rich and fascinating destinations you won’t forget! A unique mix of culture, wildlife and landscapes; join us for this authentic trip full of local experiences.



Enjoy a cycling experience in the most popular black urban area in Johannesburg, the Soweto Township. The strong identity of this famous metropolitan township will surprise you! Fashion, music, art and politics… This area is the heart of the South African trend.Wind-in-hair, as their bike trip goes on, the guests experienced Soweto’s old and rich history and was immersed in this incredible melting-pot society!

Soweto Gospel Choir
A visit to Soweto would not be complete without a stop at the Apartheid Museum. Open the doors of this iconic historic place privatized for the occasion… Don’t you hear this anthem to joy … The Soweto choir made a special trip for you, to fill the place with colourful songs. A strong emotional moment that guests still remember!

 4×4 AND CRUISE SAFARI, WHAT ELSE… – Generous BotswanaBush Breakfast

Have you ever done a 4×4 drive AND a cruise game drive in the same day? Our lucky guests did! Few countries offer the opportunity to observe the greatest wildlife spectacles from 2 angles and Botswana is one of them. Wake up, it’s time for the early morning 4×4 game drive in the Chobe National Park, we don’t have time for a breakfast at the hotel, you don’t want to miss the sunrise… Keep smiling, we have got your back– a surprise breakfast is set up in the middle of bush, just for you!

Chobe Safari

Tired of the 4×4? Let’s board for an afternoon game viewing “sundowner” boat cruise to see the mighty elephant herds and other wildlife visiting the banks of the Chobe River to quench their thirst at the end of the day. What a fantastic day, isn’t it?

 YOU SAID AUTHENTIC?– Zambia, the soul with a big heartboma-11

Last but not least, we want to offer you an authentic experience. Nothing works better than meeting local people. In Mukuni’s village, you will have the opportunity to have a real interaction with the locals! Visit a school and a hospital, have lunch with the chief of the village and join a local project: thanks to this complete program you will know everything about the local culture! Eventually you will end the day in style by watching Makishi dancers, while having a lively boma dinner. Authentic? We told you so!

A 545

Client’s feedback:

Good day Evelyne,

We had a nice trip back.
I am quite busy and do not have much time as I have to travel again but I just wanted to tell you that everything went really good and that people came back delighted by this trip through Southern Africa.

Speak to you soon!


by Sébastien Charrieras