Wildlife and parties, the African way!

Type of event: Reward
Number of Participants: 80
Destination: Pilanesberg National Park & Johannesburg, South Africa.
Hotels: Kwa Maritane Lodge, African Pride Melrose Arch
Duration on site: 4 days, 3 nights
About the client: Solocal is a French digital communications group wanting to reward their best employees with an exciting trip to South Africa. The focus is on entertainment, shows and African themed dinners to truly make the trip festive and fun!

At XO Events, we understand that each trip we organize is unique and needs to be tailored to the personality and interests of our clients. The guests wanted to be entertained, so we gave them more than they could imagine! Wildlife, parties, rugby and a private concert: the African way.


African Touch : Singing and dancing!

approveddrumstruck676Have you ever experienced a party with South Africans? Well our guests did and it was epic! Let’s start with the appetizer, the guests were welcomed by joyful percussionists during their check-in at Kwa Maritane lodge, it was a bit tricky to get them to their room, as they couldn’t stop dancing!

For the starters, gumboots and tribal dance show, still hungry?  It’s time for the dessert, after a wonderful Boma dinner by the fire is a standing ovation for the children Gospel Choir from Soweto. Who said it was a 3 courses meal? South Africans are a bit greedy…: after the gospel Choir, the cherry on the cake was the magisterial drumming workshop in the middle of the bush… Our talented guests made all the inhabitants of bush shake their booties until the morning light!


On top of that, we added the XO touch: beautiful settings, lighting, decoration and background projections were carefully chosen to truly give to our guest  that magical African experience. So, shall we put you on the guest list for next time?

Touchdown : Rugby with locals and a guest star


Rugby is an institution here, more than a game  it’s a religion, it’s an icon to the concept of the rainbow nation, introduced by the wise Desmond Tutu. If you are coming to South Africa you must experience it. So let’s go to the game. I didn’t say let’s watch a game on TV or at the stadium; at XO Events when we say experience it, we mean it… Put on your shorts and follow us on field.

Our guests were challenged to play a rugby game with locals professionals, yes a real game with professionals, don’t be scared. One of the best coaches ever, Pieter De Villiers, a former rugby player was in charge of the French team, and in just a few hours he taught them the winner spirit, and guess what? Our guests nearly won 30 – 0. I dare you to laugh, that’s not too bad for an amateur team! At least they had fun and enjoyed the third half, sharing  a delicious Braai and a glass of sparkling wine with the locals to refuel.



Once in a lifetime: Johnny & Jesse Clegg private concert

After spending the day discovering the Big Five, playing rugby or biking in Soweto, our guests still had plenty of energy, so we had to make sure they had fun until daylight. To do so, every evening we set up an after-dinner party. The lights dimmed out and DJ Didier made sure the guests had fantastic music to dance to. Shows and performances were an important part of the trip: On the first night, 1st Project performed an intense percussion show.

1stproj (3)

The last night was tricky after such a thrilling trip, we had to surprise them one more time, but challenge is in XO’s DNA… Does Asimbonenga or Scatterlings of Africa ring a bell? I am sure it does… Johnny Clegg was our special guest and put on a fabulous private unplugged concert for the clients. And what’s more, for the very first time he sung with his son Jesse, an exceptional and emotional moment. Famous for being the “White Zulu”, Johnny Clegg has even performed by Mandela’s side; a once in a lifetime experience, that’s the way we treat our guests!


What an intense four day trip! South Africa will please any guests looking for entertainment, fun activities and much more.


Client Feedback:  Congratulations on the great work you have accomplished to make this trip a huge success! Thanks to you, everyone came home with great memories. The guests are thrilled, amazed and so happy with everything they saw, did and lived… They loved the atmosphere and your team!

Thank you for your flexibility. Thank you for your professionalism. Thank you for trying so hard to make it a success…And you did!

by Sébastien Charrieras