Botswana, the “Wow” effect

Many Safari lovers rank Botswana among their favourite destinations. But what makes this country so special? If you are looking to immerse your guests in a unique experience with beautiful landscapes to discover wild animals in the most original way, let us guide you through everything Botswana has to offer. One thing is for sure, Botswana will blow your mind.

Botswana landscape


A Destination for MICE

When you think Botswana, you think bush and safaris. But hold on, Gaborone, the capital of the country, holds the Botswana Conference & Exhibition Center. The center is widely renowned and can host a large variety of events, thanks to its flexible and adaptable facilities. With its 18 various meeting rooms, there is no doubt that Botswana’s Conference Center is the MICE asset of this destination.

Botswana safari
Into the Wild

Choosing to take your guests to Botswana will give you a large number of options for a variety of Safaris.  This is because of the large number of national parks and game reserves. The most famous of them is Chobe National Park. With its four different eco-systems, it is the most diverse National Park in the country. Your guest will have the chance to spot numerous wild animals, not to mention, the park is home to over 120 000 elephants, one of the Big Five they can encounter in Chobe. The Safari experience doesn’t end there:  you can choose to spend the night camping in the bush after a dinner around a fire camp. These special moments are sure to make great memories!


Not only does Botswana offer choice in the location of Safaris, but also in the way your guests will move in the bush. In fact, the Chobe River allows your guest to enjoy a fabulous cruise safari. Relax in luxurious accommodation while enjoying the stunning views that Botswana has to offer. Visit a traditional village on the Namibian side of the river, spend some time watching the countless species of birds and even go fishing. This cruise will definitely amaze even the most regular travelers.


room boat

XO Zoom: Surprise your guests with a unique Mokoro Experience. A Mokoro is a canoe-like boat, traditionally used to travel on the Okavango Delta. Because it seems like log floating by, the animals aren’t disturbed by it at all. It’s the best way to truly get to the heart of wildlife: listening to the sounds of the bush, observing elephants, zebras, lion, buffaloes and many other animals at the water’s edge. The Mokoro experience truly is an unforgettable one.  In the beautiful scenery, away from everything but up close with the wild, this is what Botswana is about.

Botswana boat

Thrilling Activities

A great advantage of Botswana as a destination for your trip is the proximity with the majestic Victoria Falls. We can easily organize an exciting trip to the biggest curtain of falling water in the world. To make things even more thrilling, guests can embark on a helicopter tour to see the falls from air. Nothing compares to the amazing bird’s eye view of this wonder of nature. There you have it, the “Wow” Effect!


XO Zoom :Looking for luxurious accommodation? Botswana has everything it takes to meet your expectations. Sanctuary Chobe Chilwero offers beautiful large rooms, a pool and stunning views on the river. In addition, the friendly staff and excellent service will make your guests feel like royalty!



We have no doubt that you are already dreaming of the beautiful landscapes and unforgettable experiences there are to live in Botswana. This destination is perfect for those looking for untouched nature far away from crowds. The unique moments that Botswana has to offer are guaranteed to strengthen the bond in any group of guests.

by Sébastien Charrieras