Sea, bush and fun… Mozambique

Mozambique is an exciting and unexpected destination which will surprise even the most frequent travellers!

track_palm_trees_beach_sea_oceanMozambique is a hot destination for 2015. Its idyllic beaches and islands, with an untouched natural beauty, are a great alternative to touristic Islands. Not yet on board? Here’s a quick insight: diving in turquoise waters, sunbathing around the pool, discovering the Indian Ocean maritime world, luxurious beach resorts, and game drives… no, your eyes didn’t play tricks on you, we said game drives!

An unexpected activity – Safari in Kruger Park

No one would normally expect to see lions and giraffes when going to Mozambique, even less in one of the richest bush in terms of fauna. Associated to its seaside tourism, Mozambique can nevertheless be full of exciting and unexpected surprises. In the South, the Kruger Park is at the frontier between South Africa and Mozambique. Be prepared to embark in an open air 4×4 for exceptional game drives, spotting a leopard or looking for the Big 5 in the bush, you will be amazed!

Cheetah (7)Elephant (6)

XO Zoom: Want to impress the guests? Surprise them with an exceptional transfer to Mozambique. From the sky it is all different. The scenic flight offers more than an hour of fantastic and various landscapes. From the bush to the sea, the mix of colours is incredible.

Bazaruto vue aérienne
 Welcome to paradise – Bazaruto Archipelago

When arriving at Bazaruto Archipelago, the first thing that hits you is the natural beauty; the exceptional blend of white sand, and the shading of turquoise. Once in the warm water of the Indian Ocean, it is hard to resist the temptation to go diving and discover the depths of the crystal waters. There is no need to travel far from the shores; turtles, dolphins and colourful fishes already swim gracefully around the guests.
After a morning in the limpid water, a lunch with your feet in the sand is ideal. Grilled prawns and fresh fish paired with refreshing white wine will revitalize the group. In the afternoon, one can enjoy the pool and others can go Kayaking. How about a sunset from the sea? Champagne and finger food is on board and the group embarks for an unforgettable sunset!

Beach Pool Villa bathDeluxe Sea View Pool Villa deck at sunset

XO Zoom: Anantara Medjumbe Island Resort & Spa, rewarded Arfica’s leading Private Island in 2014, is a preview of paradise. Secluded on the Northern coast in the Jewel-like Quirimbas Archipelgo, the resorts offers luxurious accommodation in a peaceful environment, as well as delicious restaurants offering fresh fish and seafood, a luxurious spa, water sport activities, cruises, bird watching for nature lovers, a ‘’Crusoé’’ picnic lunch and so much more!

What about a trendy night? – Maputo nightlife

The capital Maputo has a reputation for its fun and animated nights. Jazz bars, lively cafés, trendy restaurants…you name it! Once there, you will feel the cheery vibes; welcome to Southern African Brazil! Dance, sing and enjoy delicious Caipirinhas until the sunrise…this is Maputo fever.

Gil Vicente

XO Zoom: On Friday night, anyone looking for a unique place to party can do no better than CFM, Maputo’s turn of the century railway station. This all-night dance party is sandwiched between the station’s railroads on the skinny platform. Equipped with a smart DJ, flowing bar and pumped up beats, you’ll quickly find yourself dancing till dawn, sheltered under the station’s stunning architecture.On Saturday, finish off the weekend at Café Bar Gil Vicente, one of Maputo’s best-kept secrets. Every weekend this gem of a pub hosts Maputo’s local talents, with varied lineups from Reggae, Jazz and the homespun Marrabenta to Dub. Be sure to get there early, as the unforgiving crowd grows large around midnight.

20121025-IMG_6576An unforgettable trip combining, sea, fun and bush? Yes Mozambique can!

by Camille Roques