Lately South Africa and its cities have been classified by many travelers magazine as one of the top destination in the world. Larry Olmsted, contributor at Forbes magazines, even with its many travelling experience, still places South Africa as the best destination. According to him, the more he travels, the more he realizes how hard it is to top South Africa.

Travelers usually associate South Africa to Safaris and wildlife. It is in fact one of South Africa treasures, but it is just the top of the iceberg. South Africa offers all you can look for.


South African landscapes are various and rich. Within a few hours driving, you go from tropical white sand beaches to rocky mountains, passing through green wine yards. Bush areas and desert offers the opportunity to experience memorable game drive. South Africa location, between two major oceans, and the weather dissimilarity from one side to another give to Madiba country a rich variation of flora and fauna. Indeed, lions, whales, rhinos and elephants, are common in South Africa. Though only a few knows about other species like the dassies, small hamster sized mamifere, which happened to be the closest related relatives to Elephants.

1350347990_4Diaz beach sunrise

XO Zoom: The Cederberg is a complete new world; its orange rocks surrounded by typical mountain Fynbos offers an impressive show. Wildlife in the mountain is diverse, and the landscape formed by rock transformation looks unreal, especially for the Wolfberg Arch and the Maltese cross.



South African cities are, at the image of the rainbow nation, diverse and unique. Each of them has different attractions, and unique atmospheres, as each of them has a different part of South African history heritage. Surrounded by incredible nature, the cities offers at the same time active life, and amazing urban landscapes settled in natural backgrounds. Cities infrastructures and the growing number of high standards hotels and events venues, fast track South Africa as the MICE and business tourism leading destination in Africa.

SAT-JHB-RandlordsDurban beachfrontbis

XO Zoom: Durban also known as the South African’s Miami charms its visitors with its beautiful coastline surrounded by luxury hotels. The city convention centre can guest until 5 000 persons. Foodies will enjoy famous Currys, sportive will appreciate the wealthy atmosphere, and yachts fans will visit its port, one of the biggest in the world.


An article would not be sufficient to talk about South Africa Culture. From its heavy history, Mandela country built a strong heritage, full of diversity. The country is home to eleven official languages, putting in honor all the richness and the complexity of the rainbow nation. All the ethnicities form a part of the South African Culture.

Xhosa LadyRain Dance 2Food is usually a good insight of a country’s culture. At South African image, the food is diverse and mixes a large palette of savor. Meat based and spicy the traditional South African food is generally cooked over a convivial open fire, and offers the best flavors of its ethnic groups. But restaurants also serve delicious worldwide dishes, from Chef’s gastronomic tables, to cosy local restaurants, every taste request will be fulfill.

Cape Malay Curry

 XO zoom: Mostly spoken in the Eastern Cape, Xhosa language is characterized by its clicking sound. The word “Xhosa” comes from the Khoisan language and means “angry men”. As Nelson Mandela said, “If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.” Xhosa food was actually his favorite.


The real South African treasure remains in its people. South Africans are in love with their country, and as many lovers, they spread and share their love to the world.  Considered as the ‘’friendliest people in the world’’ by Helena Egan from Trip Advisor, the rainbow nation welcomes you warmly and does its best to make you experience the country at its finest. Talk, exchange, laugh, South Africans will happily share with you the treasures of their country, and their positive energy.

  SA Black and White

So, when are you coming? 

by Maria Casali