This Safari Guide Will Save Your Life

If you have been reading our blog for a while, or if you are new to the world of Safaris, you have most likely come across many strange words you don’t understand. But fear no more, we are here to save you and turn you into a real Safari expert for your upcoming Safari trip.

Lodge: You may have understood that a Lodge is a type of accommodation you will most likely use during your safari trip. But what exactly differentiates a lodge from a basic hotel? A Safari Lodge will typically be located very near to game reserves. Often, rooms are situated in huts, decorated with earthy tones and African furniture. They offer stunning views over the park, allowing you to truly get up close to the wild and give the feeling of being immersed in the raw bush environment, all while offering comfort, luxury and service of the highest quality.



Game Drive: Probably the most crucial term in this survival guide, because this is where the whole point of your adventure stands! Game driving means driving through the bush to meet wild animals in their natural environment, or so to say, a Safari! You can expect to meet the Big Five and many other animals such as Zebras and Giraffes. But a game drive is always a surprise; each experience is unique in its own way.


The Big Five: We have to admit, we have met visitors who thought the Big 5 was just one single mysterious animal… So we are happy to make things clearer for you! “The Big five” was originally a term used by hunters to refer to the five game animals that are the most difficult and dangerous to hunt. These are the African elephant, lion, buffalo, leopard and rhinoceros. Today, the animals are preserved and encountering them during a Safari is most game-viewer’s prime objective!

game drive

Sundowner: After a long day in the bush, wouldn’t you want to enjoy a colourful refreshing cocktail while watching the stunning African sunset? This is exactly what we call a sundowner, and it’s certainly one of the best ways to enjoy the breath-taking beauty of the bush at twilight. Sundowners are guaranteed to be the start of a convivial evening. Cheers!

sundowner drinks

Bush dinner: You wouldn’t experience this dinner in any other place than during a Safari. Your lantern-lit dinner is set up in the middle of the bush while your food is grilled over a fire, like a Braai. A Braai is the Afrikaans word for barbecue:  Meats such as chicken kebabs, sausages and lamb chops are grilled, as friends and family gather to share a delicious pot luck meal. You’ll also have the chance to taste a typical African dish: pap, porridge made of finely crushed maize. In South Africa, “braaing” is a real tradition and social custom. “Lekker “!


Boma Dinner: On an extraordinary Safari Trip, don’t expect to have an ordinary dinner! A Boma dinner is an outdoor meal in a dining area enclosed by traditional wooden fences. The stylized structures create an inviting and warm space where guests enjoy their meal around an open fire. At XO events, we know how much our guests appreciate to have a cosy boma diner before a good night’s sleep in their lodge; with great attention to detail, we make sure everyone has a truly magical evening.

mabula boma dinner

Marimba Band: A great moment we like to set up for our guests is having an African Marimba Band performance. The Marimba is a percussion instrument which produces beautiful earthy tones. Using marimbas of different sizes as well as drums, the talented musicians will play for guests either before or after their boma dinner, putting every guest in a festive mood!

marimb band

Ranger and Tracker: They are your exclusive Safari guides; they live and work in the bush. Your ranger will be driving you through the bush; he or she is extremely experienced and passionate about wildlife, so you can ask him or her any question you’d like! The tracker will be looking for the game animals that can sometimes be hard to spot in the bush with an untrained eye. When it comes to safaris, they are experts, and your Safari experience by their side will be all the more thrilling.

ranger good

Cooking Safari:  After spending the morning spotting cheetahs and lions, you can learn to cook wild in the bush! And in the evening, you’ll enjoy a delicious meal of your own making. We know our guests love to discover the sensational African cuisine and all the flavors it has to offer.  Become a barbecue champion, cooking on open fires under African skies to the sounds of the wild lion, hyena, and owls calling. What’s more, learning to cook African specialties is a great way to strengthen the bond of any team.


Now that you know the meaning of the mysterious Safari vocabulary, you are ready to fully enjoy your next trip into the wild. We’re waiting for you!

by Sébastien Charrieras