A sunday with Sebastien

And then, they asked me…


“Sebastien, could you share your secret addresses and hobbies for a ‘’Perfect Sunday”?’’.
The truth is, my secret address for the weekend, is home. And my first distraction is related to my daughters’ expectations; the 17 months one having enough to drain the batteries of the Springboks squad…
Anyway, if, however, the urge took me to jump out of bed on a Sunday morning for an audacious day, here is what I would do.

Cape Town having a natural tendency to celebrate every Saturday night with warmth and intensity; I would enjoy the peaceful early morning, taking out of the closet a pair of sneakers, even pair of shorts may be… for a jog along the Sea Point promenade, Cape Town.
Sea point promenade1The salty flavours of the ocean, the backwash of the waves on the rocks, with in the air, the silent ballet of the paragliders coming to land on the nearby grass, only disturbed by the squawking of seagulls chasing a piece of bread left by some pick-nickers, opens your lungs, your mind for an hypnotic ride between sea and luxurious villas, that lead you, 7 km later on Camps Bay beach…
Do you still follow me here?
Ok, you can also rent a bike, a scooter, a Harley for the same route, the same feelings, and the same effects!

Cape Town BeachA shower later, l would then go to Winchester Mansion, always by Sea Point; still facing the ocean, for a well-deserved Jazz Brunch. Every Sunday a group of Jazz brighten up your eggs Benedict and your gourmet Winchester Special … Have you ever tried Walvis Bay’s oysters?

Though, The Pot Luck Club brunch, by Luke Dale Roberts is also a wonderful option… Breathtaking view on the city from the top floor of Old Biscuit Mill; surprisingly tasting, innovative cuisine … and bottomless champagne…

Pot Luckct_the_pot_luck_club_4_croppedAfter lunch, if you have kids, I recommend the Company Gardens for a digestive walk with the resident squirrels. But Cape Town is also an art city offering culture exchange. Most likely, I will opt for a walk to, either an art gallery, a flea market or a temporary exhibition.
Ask for the program, I am sure there is somewhere an event that will passionate you.

For the end of the day, I am not sure yet. The open-air concert of the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens offers Goldfish. But I’ll probably respect the local tradition of the “sundowner” to enjoy a sunset over Camps Bay, a glass (almost the last) in hand.

SunStar-at-dawnThe Sun Star on Signal Hill will then bright on, recalling the fact that tomorrow is Monday and that is time to go back home.
But you are not here for that, aren’t you? My last recommendation for a great Sunday eve is a restaurant called La Perla … Still in Sea Point and just perfect.

by Sébastien Charrieras