Charline tells everything about Cécile

How and since when do you know Cécile ?

Since 2008, when we arrived together in South Africa.

Can you describe Cécile’s job for us ?

Cécile is the Operations Manager. She is managing the op team and goes on the field as well. She is in control of the files as soon as they are confirmed and makes sure everything goes smoothly and perfectly on site!!

Can you give us one or two character traits that makes you think she’s good in what she does ?

Cécile is a perfectionist. Precise, attentive, meticulous to all the details – nothing is left behind!

Charline tells everything about Cécile

Tell us one anecdote or memory from the field about Cécile that still makes you smile today…

For Cécile, an operation will/can only be finished and accomplished once she lights the “Victory Cigarette” after everyone has left and before going home.

And finally, one memory you both share…

The only time, we had the chance to work together on the field was when we were setting up an interactive drumming & gumboots session in the outside amphitheater of Company Gardens in Cape Town. The uncertain weather was playing with our nerves and we had to move inside, and back outside for eventually ending inside the Museum.

Moving 160 drums and 320 gumboots back and forth in less than 20 minutes is still a world record!!!

by Fleur Kimmich
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    Awesome ladies to work with!