Evelyne Lecardeur – Senior Event & Incentive Consultant


Why did you choose this job?

For the taste of Event Organisation, the taste of travel, the taste of sharing experiences… All this, makes it the perfect job for me!

How would you define your job?

For me, this job is like playing a puzzle game: First you find and collect all the pieces, then you sort and adjust them to finally put them all together and create something unique that makes people dream.

What is your “work philosophy”?

Above all, taking pleasure at what I’m doing to always enjoy it. This is what drives me.

A phrase or a word that you hate in your daily work?

“V.I.P”… because at the end of the day, every single person is important. Isn’t it?

Your idea of a well done job?

A happy and trustful client.

Is there a “necessary addiction” to perform this job?

A morning run along the seafront and a nice dinner among friends… I couldn’t do without these sacred moments.

Describe XO Events in 3 words

Proactive, detail oriented and perceptive.

by Fleur Kimmich