Laura shares her five senses with us…

… but please don’t tell anyone it’s a secret.



The joys of spotting a leopard during a game drive in the Chobe National Park is simply out of this world! The leopard is one of the most difficult animals to spot in the wild. Having said that, believe me the feeling you get in your heart at that specific moment when you do spot the beautiful creature… is simply incredible!


The astonishing sound of a marimba band during a bush dinner in the Pilanesberg National Park will give you chills for the rest of the night! The combination of the sounds of the marimba, the atmosphere in the bush and the talented musicians’ energy always gives me a positive boost… leaving me with a child like grin on my face for the rest of the night!


I adore the diversity of flavours during a food and wine pairing at Aubergine Restaurant! This rather small but excellent restaurant is recognized internationally, and I would definitely recommended looking their way as their knowledge in fine food and wine is unbelievable. The menu is full of interesting choice and all is perfectly executed.


The drenching spray from the Victoria Falls while walking on the Knife Edge Bridge, is one of the most exciting experiences I have ever been through! The sound of the falls already gets your heart pumping, then as you walk down towards the bridge under the trees, you feel a light drizzle coming from the falls… But as you step out onto the bridge, a whole new experience and you’ll end up drenched from head to toe! I would say it’s the perfect place to dance in the rain.


The distinctive smells of the Cape Malay cuisine in Bo Kaap will make you travel the world in one bite! Making use of mainly garlic, ginger, curry leaves and an array of spices, you will notice that the Cape Malay cuisine has retained many aspects of the Javanese origins. However, it has evolved over the years to accommodate the European palate and even more diversity… This form of cuisine is perfectly unique, adapts to everyone’s taste and is quintessentially Capetonian.

by Sébastien Charrieras