Sawubona Samuel & Welcome to the team

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Everyone has heard the famous saying “the only thing constant in life is change” and that is especially true to the event world; ever changing and a real life journey for those who work the industry. At XOEvents, we always embraced change and new ideas, because it grows us bigger, stronger and takes us further.

So what’s changing at XOEvent you ask?

XOEvents is thrilled to welcome a new member to its team, Samuel Regnier. Samuel comes with an impressive background, good looks, genuine passion and an interesting portfolio of clients. So everyone is pretty much delighted.

The Perfect Fit

Native from France, Samuel has more than 15 years behind him in the event industry. He worked in multiple agencies in France where he started as a project manager and then moved to directing projects. Founder of OnlyOne Events in beautiful morocco, he also spent 10 years in Marrakech were he built a prodigious reputation in the event industry. Due to his job requirements, Samuel travelled all over the world, learning and enriching himself through his experiences. Tough life right?

Nonetheless, his will to explore and challenge himself once more surfaced. During a family vacation in Cape Town, Samuel, his wife and two children fell in love with the country and all it has to offer. And then it all happened very quickly, after meeting Sébastien Charrieras, CEO of XO, a project of uniting forces came to life. With a similar ethos and perspective, it was just the perfect fit.

Now that Samuel is on board, that will allow for Sébastien to move back to the field and grow XO’s network further, realise new projects and intensify the approach towards the local South African market. Samuel’s vision includes optimising the team by develop the staff skills and talents and push us to provide an even better service to our valued customers.


by Laetitia Clairet