Fleur gives us 6 tips, to let off steam in Victoria Falls!

Because, sometimes, it’s important to let off steam !
Do you want to know what’s on my bucket list that I’ve ticked several times now once you’re up in the area of Victoria Falls or Livingstone?
Here is my tip in 6 simple facts. Ready?
Fleur Kimmich

How ?

On board the majestic Victoria Falls Steam train.

When ?

At Sunset, with good company and a glass of sparkling wine.

Vic Falls sunset


For an exclusive and timeless experience on board the train and getting a chance to view a game is even a bonus.

Why ?

Because it’s the unusual way to see the falls, once you’ve seen them by Helicopter, walking or canoeing and I believe it’s the most exclusive way.


… can you find in the world an engine driver keeping an eye out for Elephants on the line?

Victoria Falls - Steam Train


For the travel experts,… riding the Royal is an unashamed exercise in luxury travel.

And vintage rail enthusiasts will find plenty to admire about the train itself a symphony of steam, steel, polished paintwork, gleaming teak and luxurious leather.

For this one, only one platform departure!
… and generally no delay.

Victoria Falls

by Fleur Kimmich