We share a few of our Most Memorable Events!

With over 500 events created over a decade or more, we continue to make the impossible possible for our clients by creating magical events throughout Southern Africa.  We have hosted events in every possible location ranging from tiny gin bars, to the banks of the Chobe river, to the remote moon landscape of Namibia and in the middle of expansive wine estates in Cape Town.  In celebration of over 500 events, our consultants share some of the most memorable events they curated…


Pressed for time.

One event that stands out for me was one that took place at Sun City in 2018 during my internship. The event involved a huge structure for 300 pax and even though I wasn’t the project manager it was amazing. It was a dinner at the Valley of the Waves and we were only allowed to prepare the setup once all visitors to the area had left.  There was a misunderstanding which left us with a very short interval to prepare for all our guests. Together with the project managers we got it done and there were fire torches along the water. I was so proud of the what we had done. This was my first project on the field and my hardest , but I was so happy to be on it and enjoyed it despite the pressure.

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All types of Transport

An event that really stands out for me is the group from a French Telecommunications company for 3 nights in Cape Town. I really liked that we used every type of transport; Everything from sidecars, vintage cars, helicopters, the train, red bus and limousine to a sunset cruise, speed boats, jeeps and a party bus. It was tense, hectic and each day was a rush but it was very unusual for us to use all these types of transport for one group.


Tiny new Venue

On another occasion when we hosted a fresh insurance company, It was the second time working with this client; one is who is known to be very challenging and pushes for extremely unique and different incentives each different from the next.  In Cape Town, we visited a small gin bar behind Honest Cafe during the site inspection on First Thursdays and after dinner we went inside for drinks and this was the place where she wanted the dinner.  It was tricky as the decor company didn’t seem reliable and even 3 weeks before, the owners said the gin bar may not be available when we needed it which was very stressful. It ended up being Fantastic and we were very proud in the end plus the client loved it.

Unforgettable Moon Landscape Camp

The first time I travelled to Namibia’s moon landscape ( near Swakopmund)  was in 2009. I was with a group and the guide made a stop at the moon landscape. I fell in love with the area and really hoped we could come back to do an event in this region one day. And I did! It took 10 days to build the camp for 40 people for a one night stay and it was really special. Guests went on safari, visited Sossusvlei and stayed in Swakopmund where we also had a gala dinner.  The client wanted it to be one of a kind and it was. We knew this client really enjoyed having Dj Didier at an event, so as a surprise we booked him to come to Namibia. I still remember that night…


Once in a liftetime Vintage Plane Ride

In 2009, we hosted a Belgium company in Namibia. We did a self-drive to the moon landscape and  then got to fly with the vintage DC3 and DC6 airplanes owned by the president. We flew from Swakopmund to Etosha and Windhoek.  It was old style business class with so much legroom. No-one is allowed to fly these planes in Namibia anymore so it was amazing that our group got the chance.

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Wet Dress in a suitcase

In 2014, we hosted a French dental company for four nights in Sun City, two nights in Zambia and 2 nights in Botswana. It was a long incentive but beautiful and the client was amazing.  We hosted a gala dinner at a game lodge in Botswana. We had an alfresco dinner around the pool with a diamond cocktail where a surprise diamond is hidden in one of the glasses.

The facilitator who usually checks the diamond wasn’t there and gave the machine to me and I was stressing about whether it was right or not. A lady whose brother had passed away won the diamond! Eventually everyone jumped into the pool with their clothes on. Once they had taken off my shoes, watch and earrings, I was also thrown into the pool along with the guide Mark.  I will never forget having to carry a wet dress home in my suitcase.

Laura and guide Mark post their pool dip.


Transformational moments

Some of the best memories I have from an event happened at an incentive we did with the Kliptown Youth Program in Soweto. It was intense as there were many rotations but it was amazing to see how much people can give towards good projects.  We made sandwiches, filled lunch boxes for kids, painted shacks and constructed tables and benches at the school.  Even though it was basic, they were so happy.

At one stage, our guides gathered all the kids with the lunch boxes and together they started singing to a drum beat they begun on the lunch boxes. It was overwhelming, intense and so pure. Big men couldn’t help get emotional and I tried not to collapse in tears as I was the organiser. These are the experiences which make trips unforgettable. It’s about love, sharing and it worked perfectly. This is transformational tourism and it changes you.

All at peace on a rock

In Namibia we had an incredibly powerful moment on a self-drive 35 pax incentive with an investment company while passing the moon landscape for a toilet break. Up on the rocks we looked out over the cascading mountains. Out guide kept telling us to ‘Be one with nature and to let the river flow’. He asked everyone to sit on a rock for 10 minutes and pick a meditative position. It was only once we were sitting in pure silence that we had at the chance to realize how loud silence really is as the energy flowed through the mountains. And for a moment everyone was at peace, we were present in the moment and at one point everyone was connected. It was then that we realized the whole value of the trip. It was the best incentive I’ve ever done.


by Lauren McShane