When Cecile talks about Charline

How and since when do you know Charline ?

Since 2008, we both arrived in South Africa at the same time. But technically, we could have known each other since 2002 as we went to the same University where I was one year ahead of her.

Can you describe Charline’s job for us ?

Charline is the Sales & Quality Manager. She is in charge of the tenders. No programs nor budgets made by the team will be sent out without being checked by her “piercing eyes”.


Can you give us one or two of her character traits that make you think she’s good at what she does ?

Charline is very well organized and perfectionist. Furthermore she loves people and you can really feel it!

Tell us one anecdote or memory from the field about Charline that still makes you smile today…

Charline is always ready to get up 2 hours before the group to make sure that she had breakfast and she carries dry fruits & nuts with her at all time.

by Fleur Kimmich