Exclusive Okavango Delta

In the midst of the Kalahari Desert of Botswana is a surprising world of water, where life flourishes. Every year in July and August, water pours into the Okavango Delta. Over the course of a few weeks, the floods replenish this vast watery paradise. This extraordinary piece of Africa will satisfy all your desires and privacy; we guarantee that not much will make you feel more “alone in the world”.

Adrian Bailey

Unrivaled Exclusivity

What is the essence of an unforgettable trip? At XO, we know a crucial point is to help guests to experience an exclusive trip, where privacy allows one to disconnect from the rest of the world and really bond with the rest of the team. A trip to the Okavango Delta is an adventure that starts from the moment you hop on the small plane that will fly you to the secluded inland waterways. Preserved from mass tourism, the Okavango Delta certainly gives a peaceful feeling of being alone in the world.

Okavango luxe camp

Spend the night in a luxurious camp, immersed in this preserved environment. When you think of luxury, do you see gold taps and polished crystal? We think about the luxury of space, beautiful eco-systems, unparalleled wildlife and warm local hospitality, which is exactly what you will experience in the Okavango Delta.

botswana camp

XO Zoom: Small, intimate camps are the perfect base for a safari in this superb location. Luxurious but with as little impact on the environment as possible, they guarantee that the beautiful nature around you remains intact. But hold on, comfort, relaxation and authenticity are at the heart of your experience.

Africa Untamed


The Okavango delta is an amazing sanctuary for wildlife. Here you will enjoy some of the finest game viewing in Africa, and live a real face-to-face moment with animals in their natural habitat. A Safari in the Okavango Delta is a unique and exceptional experience, seen nowhere else in the world. The Okavango Delta remains untouched by man, providing a truly authentic and untamed safari where the fauna and flora is spectacular. Wildlife has adapted to this watery environment, so unusual sightings such as lions crossing waterways are to be expected!


Breathtaking Botswana

Discovering the beauty of the Okavango Delta can be done in very special ways. Step into a hot-air balloon to admire the stunning landscapes of the miracle delta from a new perspective. With an experienced guide by your side, you will spot animals and key landmarks in this Garden of Eden. Simply stunning!

hot air balloon

Once you are back on the ground, you can certainly not miss out on a Mokoro excursion. These traditionally dug out canoes offer an authentic and unobtrusive insight into this incredible wetland paradise. It is the opportunity to fully experience the sounds and sights of nature without scaring off the animals. Imagine gliding through the water reflecting the sky above, passing an elephant at the water’s edge. You have never experienced anything so peaceful.


Feeling like a privileged yet? Your trip to the Okavango Delta in XO’s hands won’t make you feel like anything less.









by Sébastien Charrieras