Live Design Transforms Life

In 2014 the Mother City was awarded with the title of being the World Design Capital. Cape Town showed the all world that in a country where societal problems and the difficulty to survive are an integrant part of everyday life, design and creativity can be a way out. Galleries, events, fashion shows and street art tours have been popping up all around the city ever since. Design is changing Capetonians lives. You have to see to believe it, so take a ride with us, you will love it!

 Street Art Colours Your Life!

Woodstock wallsMeet outside in front of the historic Old Castle Brewery in Woodstock with Rachid, your guide and a graffiti artist. Unlike other city guides, Rachid knows Woodstock by heart and he will give you an unusual tour, which most of Cape Town tourists do not get.

Woodstock is an ancient fashion suburb that managed to survive apartheid, and then became an industrial zone. By the early 20th century, the suburb became a deserted area and was considered dangerous, because of a strong gang presence. Woodstock is now at the heart of its renewal. The zone is developing with an increase in trendy shops and restaurants.

Langa street art

But what really enhanced its renewal was the Woodstock art work. A lot of artists installed their studios in this historical suburb, full of urban inspiration. Have a walk with your guide and enjoy original urban graffiti art on walls. Fun fact: it is actually a community project that authorized artists to use houses and streets as their canvas. 

Bridging the divide

Langa Street art artist with children

If the World Design Capital designation is indeed making a change somewhere, it is in Langa. The oldest township in Cape Town is part of your design tour. If you’re seeking local cuisine, stop by a restaurant converted from the house of two entrepreneur ladies. The sweet and friendly manager of this family restaurant offers you lovely traditional township cuisine; fresh ingredients and a traditional Marimba group that will nourish your taste buds and soul. The opportunity to mark your presence in Langa is offered by the street artists; create your company logo, or a designed artwork on one of the township houses. After a tour of Langa graffiti, you will only be amazed by all the colour and different styles that embellish the township.

Home Sweet Home


Having a healthy roof over your head is considered to be one of the first human needs. Yet this is not accessible to everyone, especially in the townships, where most housing is very unsuitable. Luyanda Mpahlwa came up with an ingenious idea to provide housing to the more destitute.

He is actually your guide to visit the ‘’Low Cost House’’, which he and MMA Architecture, got rewarded for. The houses are made with South African raw material such as mud and wattle. More than helping communities, the architect also preserves the planet!

 Design your own foodDesign your own food

For your evening, we invite you to one of the most reputable cooking schools in Cape Town, SA Chef Academy, an incubator for young and talented food creators.

Put on your chef’s hat and get ready for a unique cooking class. For one night you will be part of those who design culinary inventions. With the help of the chef, you will be able create an innovative three course menu with fresh ingredients.

SA chef Academy diner table

At the end of the evening, enjoy the three course menu you designed. How does it taste? Yummy for sure!

by Sébastien Charrieras