Mother City for the VIP!

Very Important Person: what does it means for you? Let us show you our own definition of VIP, this is the special treatment we offer our very important guests when they plan a journey in the Mother City!

vip_concierge XO


A Royal arrival

Airport VIP Arrival

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Cape Town International Airport, the local time is 10 AM and the temperature is 25 degrees. I hope you enjoyed flying with us, we are looking forward to seeing you on board again in the near future…” Now you are thinking ‘the plane is quite full, is going to be a mission to go through customs and collect my bag…’


But you are mistaken! As soon as you disembark, the time will fly. Personal assistance, the fast track lane…in the blink of an eye, you are already done with passport formalities, and a glass of champagne is waiting for you at the airport VIP lounge, while your luggage is being loaded into the luxury coach.

After an hour, you are refuelled with food, drink and a spa treatment; embark on a 25 minute helicopter ride from Cape Town International Airport to the Grande Roche hotel: prestigious property located in the majestic winelands of Paarl.  What did you expect? We said Royal arrival, remember!

2  Manor House

Meet the winemakers

Well, now that you are in the winelands, we will obviously show you around, but not in the traditional touristic way. We will introduce you to a well-known wine expert; we will keep his name secret as you won’t want to share him with anyone else! ‘Mister X’ has superb contacts and there is no wine-related inside scoop he can’t secure you access to; he will get you up close and personal with the makers of your favourite tipples. From chatting to the children of wine farm workers to sipping and spitting with multi-award-winning wine, this tailor-made experience will suit your palate and mood. You had better arrive thirsty and hungry!

Wine farm

Tea-time by the sea

It’s already 4pm; tea time is in 30 minutes, but there is no danger of being late as the pilot knows how to avoid traffic jams. After a 30 minute helicopter flight over the Mother City, we arrive just in time at 4:30 PM for the famous Twelve Apostle tea-time, a five-star hotel member of the prestigious label “Leading Hotels of the World”.You will enjoy a high tea by the sea in The Leopard Bar, Conservatory or Café Grill with breath-taking views…


Dilmah, Earl Grey, Rooibos, English Breakfast, Ceylon, strawberry, peppermint, caramel flavoured tea… I don’t know about you but I’ll go for the Caramel flavoured tea with a few rose and raspberry macaroons… Tea time by the sea, I can hear our British friends sigh with envy!


Because you’re worth it

Sir, your vintage car is ready! Your personal chauffeur will drive you through Camps Bay to a secret destination… No crowded restaurant awaits you tonight: as a special guest you deserve privacy. Your dinner will take place in a stunning villa overlooking the peaceful beach of Clifton against the tremendous Table Mountain, picture-perfect for an unforgettable night!


While one of the best South African chefs adds the last few touches to his 4 course gourmet menu, enjoy appetisers around the swimming pool with an intimate concert of Johnny Clegg especially for you. I hope you have gotten over your excitement, because it is time to eat with a special guest, Desmond Tutu. His Grace Archbishop Tutu will be grateful to share with you his emotional moments with the beloved Nelson Mandela. Don’t you feel privileged? Well, you are a VIP after all!

Desmond Tutu and Nelson Mandela

We hope our definition went beyond your expectation… You had better get used to it, because YOU are our first VIP!

by Sébastien Charrieras