Cape Town Venues

Should we talk of a constant development? a revival? or even an explosion? The Mother City is clearly growing and lots of creative solutions are flourishing. Venues are definitely in the forefront! Unique views and design, heritage feeling, unusual layouts, all is there to offer a unique experience to your guests…

The Zeitz MoCAA

As you know the Zeitz MoCAA is the unique and brand new Contemporary Art Museum in Africa but not only… It is also a one-of-a-kind venue for events with a rather “forward-thinking” approach.

The Atrium is the heart of the museum, connecting what were once two separate buildings, the Elevator and the Grain Silos. Cathedral-like, it rises 33m high, carved out of the original silo bins, and is an architectural wonder.

The main function area, situated on the 6th level can accommodate events up to 200 pax and offers amazing panoramic views on the city landscape.

Not to forget the incredible sculpture garden directly connected to the Iconic Silo Hotel.

Private hire and visit of the whole museum is a must and a finish with a cocktail on top of the building is for sure memorable.

The Avenue Cape Town

Located in the V&A Waterfront, between the Two Oceans Aquarium and the One and Only Hotel, this uber stylish, state of the art facility, is built to international standards and includes a board room, conference rooms and a gigantic viewing panel into the aquarium fish tank.

With 950 sq.m. of internal space on 2 levels, which can accommodate up to 700 guests, the versatility of the multiple functional spaces, offers diverse bespoke experiences.


There is also ample day and night parking, in close proximity to the venue.

The Crossley & Webb Garage

What an unusual venue for an event up to 80 pax… a garage full of classic and sports cars selling everyday unique pieces to enthusiasts having a passion for motoring. At night, magic happens when you can organize your gala dinner right in the middle of Ferraris, Aston Martins and lots of other rare and exceptional cars.

Located in the heart of Cape Town, The Crossley & Webb garage is a historic warehouse built in 1926 and is characterized by raw brick walls, square metal windows and beautiful wooden beams.

There’s a touch of glamour and at the same time true adrenaline all over the venue.

Come and experience another “fast and furious” way of running your events in the Mother City!

The Carraway

The Carraway offers an opulence and grandeur of a by gone era, famous for its extravagant events and high society parties. 

This stunning venue boasts a triple volume-banking hall, fitted with eight marble columns that extend vertically to the height of three floors.

Between the eight grand columns numerous coat of Arms adorn the walls, adding to the history and nostalgia of the venue. Continuing the opulent theme, the walls of the banking hall are dressed in marble of differing hues and fitted with all the original metalwork and lighting of the era.

The centerpiece of the banking hall is a 30m² long bar which guarantees all guests are attended to timeously and without delay. The second floors of this great hall are lavishly lit by eight elegant chandeliers and offer a mesmerizing view of the banking hall below. If you appreciate ostentatious grandeur, the Carraway is the perfect venue for you.

The venue can accommodate up to 600 pax for a cocktail and about 300 pax for a seated dinner. But also have in mind for ex a long Imperial table for 100 guests in the banking hall…!

by Cécile Castoldi