Is Sun City a Lost City ?

What about Sun City?

Since the 7th of December 1979 until today, Sun City has never stopped to be cheered or criticized.

Monumental, astonishing, tacky, excessive, luxurious, kitsch, stressing, amusing… I’ve heard everything about the resort that, at least, doesn’t leave critics totally insensible.

It was fashionable for some in the late 80’s. It is still for others today…

But I must say it doesn’t matter if you like it or not, the Resort has a lot to offer. Particularly for South Africa that is cruelly missing of, at least two large vessels able to accommodate families as well as incentives, conferences and events.

is sun city a lost city

For this matter, we are short stack when we need to compete against destinations like Mexico, Las Vegas, Orlando, Singapore or even Dubai.

So, after all, Sun City with its 4 hotels, gastro restaurant, Conference Centres, the Superbowl Arena, its 2 golfs and Casino, bars and night club, the surprising Valley of the waves, the boma and the proximity of the Pilanesberg National Park can deliver a good package.

My first incentive in Sun City was in 1997… I was still there in Feb this year. And our last one with 200 guests is currently running…

Is Sun City a lost city, article xo events

But giving an insight perspective to it, nothing is pink in the rainbow nation…

A place like Sun City is regulated by strict rules with as austere functions’ coordinators. “No” is the general answer to any creative ideas that inadvertently can hit your head… or ours.

Moving a buffet, prolonging an evening, bringing extra decors, changing a menu… every single amendment necessitate… not money (even if…) but diplomacy, understanding, courage and patience…

How many tried to skip the local event organizers to deal directly with the Palace? A lot…
With success? Please let me know.

is sun city a lost city article xo events night

I’m giving you a tip here. Sun City can be the place for your next Conference, Product Launch, Incentive… But nothing can lead better to a great success than the knowledge of the thousands rules of the resort, with a delicate hammer to break them through…

Sun City has the exotic potential to deliver a good product that will surprise and amaze your guests.

But, Keep calm and leave it to us.


by Sébastien Charrieras