The Royal Livingstone Express is a unique dining experience aboard a premium vintage steam train offering a journey across the magnificent Victoria Falls World Heritage site.

RL Express bridge

This is definitely a must-do if you want your guests to come back from their trip with a once-in-a-life-time memory and an incredible story to tell their friends and family.
Let’s break down the 3 strongest points of this magical experience.

1/ A unique immersion in the 1900’s

RL Express night

Put on your long lace dress, high hat and hop on a true piece of History.
It is 17:00 PM, a red carpet has been thrown on the grass at the Livingstone old railway station…you are about to walk through a carriage which was displayed at the British Empire exhibition in 1924 and dive into a timeless world of grace and elegance.
You will soon be turning into a British lord or lady. Do not panic and simply admire the stunning panoramic views of the Zambian nature comfortably seated in a beautiful wooden carriage, sipping sparkling wine in your crystal glass and enjoying exquisite cuisine served on fine porcelain.

2/ 2 stunning itineraries

RL Express

Every Wednesday and Saturday “the Express” rides across the Victoria Falls Bridge. Once is has left the outskirts of Livingstone the train travels to the Victoria Falls World Heritage Site where you would probably encounter game such as elephants or antelope on your way to the border post. Before crossing the bridge, the locomotive detaches from the front of the train giving your guests the unique opportunity to see it in action and take pictures before admiring the setting sun over the fall’s steam.


The train can be booked on the Classic Mulobezi Line for the rest of the week. After travelling through the Dambwa Township, you can enjoy the sunset while riding through the Mosi-oa-Tunva National Park where you would spot wild animals before enjoying your dinner on board.

3/ Top quality 5-star dining and service

RL Express dining

Besides the splendid landscapes and classy vintage interior you can certainly enjoy the fine cuisine and top-quality service. With the famous Royal Livingstone Hotel’s French chef, Alex, in the kitchen, you are assured to taste and savour a very nice 5-course gourmet menu. Amuse-bouche, free range meat, quality South African wine etc… everything is made to delight your taste buds! Not to mention the extremely kind and attentive staff who will meet your demands.

RL Lounge

Travelling between two countries, aboard a luxurious vintage steam train admiring one of the Seven Wonders of the World…Well, now we hope you would agree with the statement that The Royal Livingstone Express is one of the most spectacular sundowner and dining

by Camille Roques