The Zip Zap Circus

Of course we love describing the destinations we offer to you, but today we’ve decided to switch things up. At XO Events, we care about the Capetonians and South African community and this is why we’d like to present to you an organization that has made a change in the lives of many children of Cape Town for the better, all while providing amazing shows for corporate events.  It’s a circus, but a circus like no other. Ladies and gentlemen…May we introduce you to … The Zip Zap Circus!

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Zip Zap Circus? That’s a funky name!

Founded in 1992, The Zip Zap Circus is a social circus school that offers free programs to all participants. As a non-profit organization, the Zip Zap Circus aims to help and inspire children from all backgrounds to build a better future for themselves and South Africa.  With “Dare to dream” as a motto, the circus school motivates youth to make their dreams a reality! Since it has allowed circus arts to maintain sustainability in South Africa, the Zip Zap circus has been recognized and praised by governments, ministries of education, tourism, arts and culture as well as private societies.



Empowering the youth, this is Circus Magic.

The Zip Zap circus is free of charge for all the children who attend their classes. From as young as 7 years old, every child is welcome to come and discover a different way of developing their full potential. One of the programmes called “Ibhongolethu” is aimed at children living with HIV. Thanks to the Zip Zap Circus, the children can learn ground-based circus tricks, such as juggling, in a clinic, while waiting for their treatments and tests.


“Second Chance” is a program to help street children reintegrate and develop their skills, as well as their social life. More than just circus training, the children develop their confidence, self worth, and are able to see how much positivity they have to offer while being part of the loving, supportive family of the Zip Zap Circus.


In order to be financially sustainable, the Zip Zap circus’ income is generated by government funds and donations. However, performances at corporate events now generate half of the school’s income and these shows are what allow Zip Zap to continue to offer so much to the children of Cape Town.

Zip Zap


South Africa under a new vision

Organizing a Zip Zap Circus performance at your corporate event will definitely leave your guests in awe. By providing excellent quality training, the Zip Zap circus has brought out the exceptional skills of young people that have become true artists with immense talent.  The Zip Zap Circus show will show South Africa’s youth under a different perspective, as young people from different social backgrounds have built a new culture of peaceful coexistence.


The Zip Zap children have performed for presidents and world leaders. Some of them grew up in the streets and are now skilled and valued artists; they have become role models for the future generations of the circus. Between juggling tricks, dancing, trapeze, and much more, there is no doubt that their performance is guaranteed to make a memorable evening and enhance any corporate party, giving that “Circus Magic” feeling


Zip Zap Circus artists have received numerous awards for their impressive performances at various shows, for example: at the “Festival du Cirque de Demain”. What’s more, their partnership with the famous “Cirque du Soleil” has allowed the school to gain more and more publicity and popularity. Aren’t you thrilled by the idea of a Zip Zap Circus performance at your next corporate event? Keep Calm, and leave it to us!

by Sébastien Charrieras